3 Myths You Probably Still Believe About Botox Injections

We're setting the record straight in Gillette, WY

Many people turn up their noses at facial Botox because of the stories they've heard. But when they're administered by a professional, Botox injections are safe and effective.

Shekinah Clinical Spa has been providing facial Botox services to Sheridan, WY, Buffalo, WY and Gillette, WY residents for years. We hear a lot of the same concerns from new clients:

  • "I'll look like a robot." Botox is a muscle relaxant, so your face won't feel stiff.
  • "Once I start, I'll have to get Botox injections all the time." You'll notice smoother skin for up to four months.
  • "It's just an aesthetic procedure, so why should I consider it?" Actually, Botox has been known to help relieve tension headache pain.

If you'd like to get rid of crow's feet or frown lines, make an appointment at Shekinah Clinical Spa.

Did you know...?

... that Botox injections are often used for hyperhidrosis? That's because the botulinum toxin blocks the nerves that signal a rise in body temperature to your sweat glands.

Got questions? Talk to the lead R.N., JoJo, at Shekinah Clinical Spa in Gillette, WY. She trained at the National Laser Institute in Dallas and continues to educate herself about Botox treatments.

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