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Come to us for dermal fillers in Gillette, WY

Facial volume is so important in maintaining a youthful appearance. Invest in your skin. It's going to represent you for a very long time. Dermal fillers will help you look more youthful. Just ask the team at Shekinah Clinical Spa in Gillette, WY about dermal fillers.

Our licensed R.N. can inject dermal fillers into your skin to reduce marionette lines and plump up your lips. You might even notice results after just one treatment. We'll take before and after photos to show you.

Why dermal fillers?

Dermal Cheek fillers help reduce wrinkles to create smooth skin, plump up lips and cheeks, and reduce the appearance of smile lines.

Dermal fillers...

  • Start working immediately
  • Last for up to two years
  • Nourish your skin

Interested in dermal fillers? Contact Shekinah Clinical Spa in Gillette, WY today to schedule an appointment.